Repair and Maintenance

We have been a sprinkler repair contractor since 1991. Call our lawn sprinkler repair department and we will send a certified lawn sprinkler technician to your rescue. Out trucks are fully equipped and stocked with hundreds of lawn sprinkler parts ready to fix any damaged  sprinkler system. 






We can repair all facets of an irrigation system:

  • Broken and Damaged Spray Heads/Rotary Heads
  • Replace old controllers
  • Damaged Blackflow preventer
  • Broken or Stuck valves
  • Leaks and damaged pipes



Our Company is  full service lisenced irrigation company servicing the Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. We service borth Commercial and Residential properties including homeowner associations. We specialize in water conservation and revamping old systems to minimize water waste.

  • Winterize Sprinkler System: We guarantee the system will be freeze proof.
  • Sprinkler System Spring Set-Up: Includes inspecting the entire system:
  1. Adjust all Heads
  2. Raising and lowering Sprinkler Heads as needed
  3. Cleaning all Filters
  4. Programming the Controller.